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May 5, 2016
LAX to Anaheim
LAX to Anaheim
May 6, 2016


lax to ucla

University of California, Los Angeles – The Most Inspiring Campus in the US
„Let there be light!“ is the motto of the University of California, Los Angeles and all of those who visit one of the oldest campuses in the US will surely experience a little piece of that light. UCLA is ranked 13th in the world for reputation. Describing it with words might be insufficient – one should step into the campus in real life in order to experience its true vivaciousness.
The campus is around 12 miles away from the LAX airport. Getting from LAX to UCLA can take around 20 minutes by car. If you need a ride from LAX to UCLA, a taxi will cost you around $35. Getting from LAX to UCLA can also be done by using shuttle services for $25. Or if you do not want to share your ride check out which will take you directly from LAX to UCLA for under $40.
The architecture of UCLA won’t leave anyone indifferent. Some of the buildings have been inspired by Italian Renaissance buildings but besides the aesthetic part, prospective students might want to get to know the classrooms and programs. That is why UCLA offers tours for prospective students, but for other visitors as well. The tour for prospective applicants lasts around 2 hours and is led by an undergraduate student. Those who want to walk by themselves can also obtain a self-guide tour PDF file and do it all on their own. Prospective students can also stop by the Undergraduate Admission Office to get more info about application and similar questions. Some tours are specifically focused on a certain topic, such as the UCLA Art Tour, Botanic Garden Tour, Engineering Tour etc.
UCLA is a vivacious place. Besides the beautiful and vibrant surroundings of Westwood, there are many events going on at UCLA. The University is sort of a cultural and activism center, due to the large number of student clubs which goes over 1,000. The event calendar is regularly updated and filled with amazing events, such as orchestra concerts, art exhibitions and presentations based on various topics.
With an enrollment of 30,000 students, UCLA almost acts like a smaller city, with certain points of interest. The Dickson Plaza is a peaceful place, suitable for relaxing and studying. That is why this place is the most photographed place of the campus. The Kerckhoff Hall is aesthetically really appealing and today it serves as the base of student clubs and organizations.

Once again “Let there be light!” We hope that you will find your spark of light while visiting UCLA!

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